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Synopsis Hakoniwa No Reijou Tantei Manga

hakoniwa no reijou tantei. satou akira tries to look for the ghost that helped him as a child, but he runs into quite a lot of spirits that he does not even see. one day, he visits a supernatural detective agency to seek help, and he meets the cute yui and her devoted butler kujou. using her power, yui ends up helping him with various dangerous supernatural issues he involves in. akira starts to feel close to the detective agency, and wants to know more about the supernatural!

Information About Hakoniwa No Reijou Tantei

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Cover Hakoniwa No Reijou Tantei
Comic Title Hakoniwa No Reijou Tantei
Type Manga
Genre mystery, romance, seinen, supernatural,
Author tachibana shinnosuke
Status ongoing
Views 50 X
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