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harem end. itou seita was meant to be an ordinary college student but unexpectedly he found himself in an anime-like situation when five girls — alien, little sister, childhood friend, tsundere, and fiance — appeared in his apartment and wanted to start living with him. is this your typical harem, or is there anything behind the scenes that happens? a formerly popular but now disgraced and unemployed seiyuu / idol hira * * * * aya gets a generous proposal in a mysterious animation company production to voice the lead part, magical girl killemall. yet does the business hide those secrets? ultimately, how do these two tales interconnect to deliver a fitting harem ending?

Information About Harem End

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Cover Harem End
Comic Title Harem End
Type Manga
Genre comedy, horror, mature, seinen,
Author kago shintaro
Status completed
Views 310 X
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