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Kakizaki Masasumi
Manga Horror
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Hideout Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Kakizaki Masasumi and was first published on Nov 30 2010. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Hideout Manga because it has Horror, Psychological, Seinen, Tragedy genres.

Synopsis Hideout Manga

A young couple is trying to resolve their only son's death on an idyllic South Sea holiday island.

But the voyage has a very different intention for husband Seiichi Kirishima.

Inside the forest he wants to destroy his wife and dispose of her body deep down.

Hideout. Kirishima Seiichi 's decision is clear: He will kill his wife tonight. He was a happy man a year ago-a good writer, a happy husband, and a young boy's father ... All appeared to perfect for him at the moment. Yet the joy had to end.


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Alternative Kakizaki Masasumi
AuthorKakizaki Masasumi
Genres Horror, Psychological, Seinen, Tragedy,

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