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Synopsis Hive Manhwa

hive. as every other, eun-sung lee went to work that day, kissing his wife and child goodbye before coping with the daily routine of the workplace. but no one expected seoul to collapse that day as a swarm of giant, man-eating insects overwhelmed it, killing or infecting everyone in their way, turning most of the survivors into senseless killing machines. what is worse, chaos now dominates the streets and people are just as dangerous now as the invasion of insects. together with his co-worker ji-eun seong and a battle-hardened old man, eun-sun crosses this dangerous terrain in an effort to locate his family and keep them all alive at any turn against their enemies.

Information About Hive

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Cover Hive
Comic Title Hive
Type Manhwa
Genre action, horror, mature, psychological, sci fi, seinen, webtoons,
Author kim gyu-sam
Status ongoing
Views 169 K
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