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Synopsis Housekeeper Manhwa

housekeeper. a virus epidemic unexpectedly occurred in the near future, where android (a.i) becomes widespread among humans. the virus transforms over 70 percent of humanity into zombie-like "creatures." the a.i breaks free from their infected owners because they are not programmed to accept "creatures" as humans. however, one of them, the housekeeper hasty, did otherwise until her infected young lord, neville's final words hit something in her. sticking with him after all other human beings have been infected in their living area, hasty swears to do whatever it takes to cure master neville, even if she has to fight against the whole world that is now seeking to exterminate all creatures to completely cut off the source of the infection.

Information About Housekeeper

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Cover Housekeeper
Comic Title Housekeeper
Type Manhwa
Genre psychological, sci fi,
Author 채용택
Status ongoing
Views 9 K
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