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Synopsis I Am A Great God Manhua

There is a commotion happening in front of a prominent hospital. A long retired veteran has decided to return to practice just for a special case of a 7-year-old boy. Shi Jian may look, act, and speak like a 21-year-old young adult, but his real age is merely 7 years old. With his outstanding IQ, he blackmails a skilled doctor into diagnosing his case, all done through his favorite past time of online gaming to boot. Unfortunately, Doctor Dean Hao is unable to find a cure for Shi Jian's rapidly growing body, dismissing the case unsolved. Left with no other choice, Shi Jian decides to just catch up on the childhood years he has missed, and maybe get back his friend Lin Yan along the way.

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Cover I Am A Great God
Comic Title I Am A Great God
Type Manhua
Genre action, fantasy, martial arts,
Author shen si comics
Status ongoing
Views 29 K
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