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My father died when I was small, and my mother was a first-ranked maid, who left me in the charge of my grandparents. The last time I met her was when she was 36.Out of curiosity, I plunge into the world of maids. I wait on young master Rain, and study at the school for maids. And master Rain's brother... he is... what's my feeling for him anyway? Could it be love?And just you wait, I will be Cinderella.Note: Cinderella is not a reference to Cinderella from fairytale, but is a title given to the best maid through a rigorous competition.

Information About I Will Be Cinderella

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Cover I Will Be Cinderella
Comic Title I Will Be Cinderella
Type Manga
Genre romance, shoujo, drama, comedy,
Author Hwang Mi-Ri
Status ongoing
Views 4 K
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