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Ikemen-Kun To Saenai-Kun: Kentarou is a simple, average university student who never had a girlfriend nor any friends at all. One day after being hit on the head by a ball, he realised that he is increasingly absent minded. One afternoon, he woke up in an unfamiliar house, and a young man sitting next to him said that: "You're being possessed by the spirit of my dead girlfriend". Kentarou is a plain, nondescript college student who has never had a girlfriend or any friends. After getting hit on the head by a wayward ball, he begins to notice that there are increasingly long periods of time in which he cannot remember what he was doing. One afternoon, he regains consciousness in an apartment he'd never been to before, and sitting next to him is a young man who then tells him: "You're being possessed by the spirit of my dead girlfriend".

Information About Ikemen-Kun To Saenai-Kun

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Cover Ikemen-Kun To Saenai-Kun
Comic Title Ikemen-Kun To Saenai-Kun
Type Manga
Genre Drama, Romance, Shounen ai, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Author Hideyoshico
Status Completed
Views 46x
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