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Kina Sano, a high school girl who ridiculed that “life is a forced participation fucking game,” woke up in a strange field, holding the card of “ ♣ Q” in her hand . While wandering around without remembering anything, she discovered that it was a devastated Kyoto, and she met a high school girl at Kiyomizudera. Like Kina, Alice Kojima, a carefree girlfriend who doesn't remember anything before waking up here, also had a " ♥ Q" playing card. Nine men and women greeted the two who went to Gojo Ohashi after the fireworks suddenly hit during the nightfall. All 11 people, who have no memories of waking up in this devastated Kyoto, have a common picture card of different playing cards, one by one. From here, the new "Country of the Present" and "Game" are about to begin.

Information About Imawa No Michi No Alice

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Cover Imawa No Michi No Alice
Comic Title Imawa No Michi No Alice
Type Manga
Genre Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural,
Author Asou Haro
Status Ongoing
Views 1k
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