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Ingenuo. Ding Jiayu dreams of being a photographer. Her idole is nothing but Yung Jo. When the photography firm of Yung Jo holds an audition to find a new photographer, Jiayu wants to seize a chance. The thing is, the company of Yung Jo does not recruit women so Jiayu has no choice but to dress up and join as a male. Yung Jo is very interested in the talent of Jiayu, and makes her his apprentice. Acting with your idol can seem like a fantasy but for Jiayu, it's nothing of the sort. She takes a beating from Yung Jo everyday, and since all the crew members think she is a guy...

Information About Ingenuo

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Cover Ingenuo
Comic Title Ingenuo
Type Manhua
Genre Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life,
Author Ryan
Status Completed
Views 1k
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