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insomniacs after school. nakami is a studious , cranky and antisocial high schooler who gets on his classmates' nerves. his poor attitude, though, stems from the fact that he has a sleeping problem, and sometimes spends nights on end without a single minute's sleep. during the preparations for the school festival, he is recklessly sent to the school's astronomy observatory to collect cardboard boxes, a location that is said to be haunted by the now extinct astronomy club 's dire happenings. he finds the isolated place a haven ripe for him to sleep, but he stumbles on his classmate magari isaki sleeping inside a toppled-over locker while rummaging about. unlike him, isaki is a personable and popular girl in class but she often hides insomnia from her own problems. looking for a middle ground, they find that living together is relaxing and simple so they revert to turning the observatory into their own private cubby to sleep ... have they come across the warmth they 're looking for?

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Cover Insomniacs After School
Comic Title Insomniacs After School
Type Manga
Genre drama, school life, seinen,
Author makoto ojiro
Status ongoing
Views 1 K
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