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Inspector Kurokouchi. Inspector Keita Kurokôchi is a dirty officer with a textbook at the Kanagawa police precinct. Having a place to investigate organized and white-collar crimes in the second division of the precinct, Kurokôchi knows the little secrets of every local politician and their bribes allow him to live in luxury. On the opposite, at the precinct full of idealism, Chief Inspector Shingo Seike is a naïve young arriver. One day, the Kanagawa Police Force commissioner agrees to work with Seike Kurokochi in an attempt to eventually get rid of the former and stop him from tarnishing police force prestige. The manga was published with 23 volumes in May 2018.

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Cover Inspector Kurokouchi
Comic Title Inspector Kurokouchi
Type Manga
Genre Action, Drama, Ecchi, Mature, Seinen,
Author Nagasaki Takashi - Kouji Kouno
Status Ongoing
Views 125x
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