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Synopsis Isekai Elf No Dorei-chan Manga

isekai elf no dorei-chan. the life of two slaves with their timid hero level master. don't let the title fool you, this is not an isekai series as the protagonists are the two slave girls. in order to capture the new dungeon, the master who seems to have fun as usual by making slaves wear extreme bikini armor. meanwhile, a noble villain girl appears! i will make an enthusiastic offer by witnessing the strength of my husband, but in fact, there was a lasting relationship between the villain's daughter and inuomi-chan

Information About Isekai Elf No Dorei-chan

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Cover Isekai Elf No Dorei-chan
Comic Title Isekai Elf No Dorei-chan
Type Manga
Genre action, adventure, comedy, ecchi, fantasy, harem, shounen, slice of life,
Author hinata yaya - yusura kankitsu - yano mitsuki
Status 99
Views 2 K
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