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Synopsis Isekai Kenkokuki Manga

isekai kenkokuki. the protagonist after an accident is "reborn" as an abandoned child in another world and is entrusted to other abandoned children like him. to live, he teaches them new stuff using extensive knowledge of the past world ... starting with how to plan and plant a farm. little by little, orphans gathered and when news of a new settlement were detected, many began to migrate. before anybody knew, the community that had become nothing but kids had become a town. and then many foreign nations begin to get an eye on it ... this is the amazing story of the man that will eventually be named the holy emperor.

Information About Isekai Kenkokuki

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Cover Isekai Kenkokuki
Comic Title Isekai Kenkokuki
Type Manga
Genre action, fantasy, romance, seinen, supernatural,
Author sakuragi sakura
Status ongoing
Views 22 K
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