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isekai yakkyoku. a young pharmacologist and japanese researcher died of overwork and was reincarnated in a parallel europe of the middle ages. he was reincarnated to a famous royal court pharmacist as a 10-year-old apprentice, had acquired an incredible ability to see beyond disease, material development, and material destruction. for a society where unethical medical practice is rife, there is no price gouging by the pharmacist guild's monopoly and there is no decent medicine available to the commoners. at that time, the emperor remembered him and opened a pharmacy at the corner of the city. he will wipe out the fraud that has engulfed the planet, and bring a genuinely successful medicine established using pharmacology of today to the commoners. so the boy pharmacist would cheat by using his previous experience to build revolutionary drugs while helping parallel world men, a story about this period enjoying his new life to its fullest.

Information About Isekai Yakkyoku

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Cover Isekai Yakkyoku
Comic Title Isekai Yakkyoku
Type Manga
Genre fantasy,
Author takayama liz - [add]
Status ongoing
Views 22 K
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