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joou no hana. once upon a time, there's a region divided into four countries: sou, kou, do, and ah. the king of ah took one wife from kou and one more from do, which causes a precarious alliance between the three nations. the king cast aside the sickly first queen and her daughter aki into the depths of the palace when the second queen gave birth to a son. but fate decides to let princess aki meets hakusei, a slave with peculiar golden hair and blue eyes. he promises her his future, and under the guidance of the mysterious merchant seitetsu, helps her learn in the six arts. however, in an effort to gain respect from her father, when aki outshines the prince during a game, she unintentionally sparks a war by besmirching do's honor and drives the second queen to poison her mum. having nothing left but her loyal hakusei, aki is exiled with a promise to one day return to ah for vengeance in the small country of kou. but will the two live long enough to carry out aki's promise in the face of the mighty allied nations of do and ah?

Information About Joou No Hana

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Cover Joou No Hana
Comic Title Joou No Hana
Type Manga
Genre drama, historical, romance, shoujo,
Author izumi kaneyoshi
Status 1
Views 193 X
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