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kakegurui. like other colleges, hyakkaou private academy participation is training students for their tenure in the modern world. since many of the students are the children of the world's wealthiest people, the academy has its characteristics which distinguish it from all the others. it's a regular school by day, teaching its pupils about history, languages and the like. it transforms into a casino den at night, though, training them in the art of playing with money and exploiting men. money is power; those at the top of the school are those who come out in the games. apparently innocent and stunning transfer girl, yumeko jabami is eager to try her hand at hyakkaou's unique program. unlike the others, she's not playing to win, just to the fun of the bet, and her wild borderline gaming style could just add so many different cards to the table.

Information About Kakegurui

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Cover Kakegurui
Comic Title Kakegurui
Type Manga
Genre drama, mature, psychological, school life, shounen,
Author kawamoto homura - naomura tooru
Status ongoing
Views 30 K
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