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Kako To Nise Tantei. As a brilliant boy detective, Satoru has won a reputation and the police rely on his reasoning skills. His secret is he can see the spirits of the dead, and they send him the clues that will lead him to solve cases. Now that he's a teenager he's attracted a mysterious "demon" called Kako, who says she's a god in fact. She leads him to take more enigmatic cases in search of a vengeful force that would destroy men. Today they're a team that's solving the crimes and purifying the vengeful spirits!

Information About Kako To Nise Tantei

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Cover Kako To Nise Tantei
Comic Title Kako To Nise Tantei
Type Manga
Genre Drama, Mystery, School Life, Seinen, Supernatural,
Author Mitsunaga Yasunori
Status Ongoing
Views 147x
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