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A New York City-based Interpol investigator, Taki Kazuya is now investigating a series of disappearances and killings that seem to have been triggered by the supernatural. He also says tales of his father, a cyborg hero called Kamen Rider, who brought down Shocker's evil organisation in Japan years earlier, protecting citizens from monsters and never getting any glory for his actions. The only people who believe his story, though, are a community of orphans he's had contact with. When one of the children is a demon, Taki hunts down the guilty beast and attempts to fight it out in his own mask, declaring himself a modern Kamen Rider. He does against it poorly, however, and is on the verge of being destroyed. None other than the initial Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo, comes to his rescue at that moment. Hongo and a newly motivated Taki squad work together and excel in fighting the monsters. Hongo eventually warns Taki that a new danger is growing to endanger civilization and asks for his aid before heading out to locate further friends, the other eight Kamen Riders with whom he once was a squad. Taki is pursuing his research with Interpol and helping in the quest for Hongo.

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Cover Kamen Rider Spirits
Comic Title Kamen Rider Spirits
Type Manga
Genre Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci fi, Seinen,
Author Ishinomori Shotaro
Status Ongoing
Views 3k
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