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Kami-Sama Drop. Nowaki Asunaro, 17 years old, was forsaken by fortune from birth. Every step he takes, bad luck would await, whether it's a bucket of water falling on his head or being blamed for crimes he never did. Even so, an extraordinarily unfortunate person like him still wishes to be friends with the love of his life, Hashihime Banri. The only problem is that every time he gets close to her, his bad luck blocks the way. He ends up trying to shelter himself from the rain in a forsaken and dilapidated temple one day, filled with unfortunate incidents. He becomes feverish with cold and hunger but he prays to the gods in desperation. And then, it seems like he accidentally summoned a God...?!

Information About Kami-Sama Drop

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Cover Kami-Sama Drop
Comic Title Kami-Sama Drop
Type Manga
Genre Ecchi, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural,
Author Minamoto Yuu
Status Ongoing
Views 406x
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