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Kinnikuman Nisei. The Legends seem to be defeated by a new threat, known only as the 'Time Chojin.' Such enigmatic characters, in their attempt to destroy the Chojin Justice, travel through time. If their plan succeeds, they will erase the New Generation from history and inaugurate a new era of evil rule over human beings. To stop the Time Chojin the New Generation must travel through time. In the process they earn the Legends' distrust. The ensuing conflict triggers the start of the 'Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament' to pit New Generation Legends and Chojin vs. Evil Chojin Justice. The winners will determine the planet's future as we know it, and will reign supreme over Earth.

Information About Kinnikuman Nisei

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Cover Kinnikuman Nisei
Comic Title Kinnikuman Nisei
Type Manga
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci fi, Shounen, Sports,
Author Yudetamago
Status Ongoing
Views 1k
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