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Kiss & Never Cry. Michiru is a teenage Japanese girl living in America and dreaming of ice-dancing. She starts to practice with a boy named Leon but soon is devastated when she learns she has to move back to Japan and give up ice dancing to become a singles skater. Michiru wants to run away with Leon but he declines to go with her. And when Leon hears that Michiru doesn't come home that evening, He is scared of the worst and runs to look for her. He meets her at the local skating rink but something terrible has happened and Michiru isn't the same happy girl she once was. Seven years later, Leon, now a ballet dancer, travels for work to Japan and meets Michiru, who is working with a new partner in ice dancing. She is still mentally disturbed and asks Leon to stay with her in order to prevent self-destruction. Will Michiru be able to transcend her past with Leon by her side, and finally pursue her dreams?

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Cover Kiss & Never Cry
Comic Title Kiss & Never Cry
Type Manga
Genre Drama, Josei, Romance, Sports,
Author Ogawa Yayoi
Status Ongoing
Views 614x
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