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Neonsign (Circle) - Dre
Manga Horror
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Komomotarou Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Neonsign (Circle) - Dre and was first published on Aug 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Komomotarou Manga because it has Ecchi, Horror genres.

Synopsis Komomotarou Manga

A girl found a peach.

She wanted to confirm the legend.

But she found a young man, not a baby.

Komomotarou. After school on a peaceful day, a girl walk beside a river on her way home. There she found a 'perfectly normal huge peach' which was floating on the river. She was doubtful but she couldn't help but confirm the legend. So she took the peach home. However instead of a baby, it was a young man that could speak fluently. He said "I will fulfil my destiny" and he went on a journey to Onigashima.


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AlternativeKomomotarou Ge no Maki
Author Neonsign (Circle) - Dre
Genres Ecchi, Horror,

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