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Nerima Zim
Manga Comedy
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Kore Mo Shigoto Desu Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Nerima Zim and was first published on Jan 17 2008. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Kore Mo Shigoto Desu Manga because it has Comedy, Ecchi genres.

Synopsis Kore Mo Shigoto Desu Manga

The young man Ryou Hatsuhi has just won his dream job at Takebou Advertising.

His girlfriend, Minori Sawamura, has also landed her dream job but at the BNB Corporation, a rival company.

Both Ryou and Minori are educated by their respective employers on "corporate spies": agents who seduce and coax employees from rival companies to reveal the secrets and other valuable information about their company.

Kore Mo Shigoto Desu. With projects that have unrealistic deadlines, Nozomu from sales still comes to machine engineer Teppei with. No one else will do them but Teppei, and this is because on Nozomu he's always had a secret crush. One day, Teppei decides to blackmail Nozomu so that he becomes intimate. What's going to happen to the nice, straight sales person and the younger alpha male ...? Treat yourself to this popular series and find out!


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TitleKore Mo Shigoto Desu
Author Nerima Zim
Genres Comedy, Ecchi,

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