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Kyoukasho Ni Nai!. Tairaku is a high school teacher in a school full of bad apples and as tiring as his life might already be, it's about to be thrown into turmoil by a chance encounter with a young girl. Thanks to this one young man, his home life, his school life and his tentative friendship with a fellow teacher on whom he has a crush are destined to teeter on the brink. The girl in question is named Shirakaba Aya and her father has the utmost faith that when they live together, Tairaku will act like a proper adult ... But Aya has the utmost confidence that even if she has to compel him to do so, Tairaku would not be able to keep his hands off her ...

Information About Kyoukasho Ni Nai!

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Cover Kyoukasho Ni Nai!
Comic Title Kyoukasho Ni Nai!
Type Manga
Genre Comedy, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, School Life, Seinen,
Author Okada Kazuto
Status Ongoing
Views 2k
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