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"Come on, kill all those bandits already for me!" "No thanks. I don't want to do some job." My name is Keima Masuda, and every day my hobby spends doing exactly nothing ... But I was called to another world one fateful night, where I met a young blonde girl whom I named Rokuko. It seemed like fate had favored me and I would soon lead a beautiful, work-free life. But despite being a guy who loves to sleep more than eat, Rokuko demanded that I support her. "Save my dungeon! By the way, as you are the Dungeon Master, if the Dungeon Core is destroyed you will die too." The dungeon had only one room, and had already been surrounded by bandits. Seriously, then? It's already a Checkmate. I have to crack this impossible situation, so that I can stop working and just sleep!

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Cover Lazy Dungeon Master
Comic Title Lazy Dungeon Master
Type Manga
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem,
Author Nanaroku - Supana Onikage
Status Ongoing
Views 65k
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