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Qianqiuye Studio
Manhua Fantasy
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Let Me Go Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Qianqiuye Studio and was first published on Jan 7 2017. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Let Me Go Manga because it has Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Webtoons genres.

Synopsis Let Me Go Manhua

Chen Chuanqian brings her kin in with the prince of the cat nation. They had such a good time together.

Meanwhile animals from the dog world and the rabbit world arrive in the region. They are human beings in hysteria. Laden with attacking hostile aliens, the world is in danger.

Everything has to work together. The fights are about to erupt! You can be assured that you will be 100 % free of any physical damage. She met this tall man named "Kiro" after a couple of days who claims to be a being called "Legal" and can ensure physical protection for Eurhas.

Let Me Go. Chen Chuanqian and her family are getting the cat planet's prince in. They've had a very fun time together. In the meantime, creatures from the dog planet and the rabbit planet show up in town. They are frenemy human beings. Faced with hostile aliens attacking, the world is in turmoil. Everyone needs to be working together. The war is about to begin!


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TitleLet Me Go
Author Qianqiuye Studio
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Webtoons,

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