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Hayato Aoki
Manga Action
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Love Fighter Shuravan Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Hayato Aoki and was first published on Oct 26 2017. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Love Fighter Shuravan Manga because it has Action, Comedy, Mecha, Romance, Sci fi, Shounen genres.

Synopsis Love Fighter Shuravan Manga

Yet, Iliosdaite was willing to get their hands on a lot of monsters and bad organizations.

That's when a Hero rose to protect the world.

His name had been,..... Love Shuravan the Gladiator.

Love Fighter Shuravan. Humanity found incredible minerals with infinite resources in the near future, Iliosdaite anyway. In ten years since their discovery that core energy has become an alternative fuel that powers the entire planet.


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TitleLove Fighter Shuravan
Author Hayato Aoki
Genres Action, Comedy, Mecha, Romance, Sci fi, Shounen,

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