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Made In Abyss Anthology. The Abyss, an unprecedented depth hole — one young girl and a robot are braving their dangers to find the truth. Orth 's town is a rare one, because it is constructed along the edges of the vast Gulf, a wonder that has never been completely explored. Those who venture too far down never return, but they are known as "Cave Raiders" and are heralded as legends. A young girl named Riko lives in this area, the child of one of the most famous Cave Raiders of all time who had disappeared on an expedition many years ago. One day, the life of Riko changes when she meets a weird robot named Regu, who seems to appear from within the Abyss. Believing this to be a sign of her mother's stuck at the bottom of the Abyss, Riko goes down with Regu to his depths, ready to confront all the dangers within.

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Cover Made In Abyss Anthology
Comic Title Made In Abyss Anthology
Type Manga
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci fi, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy,
Author Hinako Seta - Various Artists - Hidari Ogawa - Yuuki Hotate - Rinrin Yamano
Status Ongoing
Views 420x
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