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miracle nikki. the much-revered stylist and sovereign king sayet passed away in the new era year 672, left behind three fantastic outfits, known as his "legacies." his treasures were so great that it divided nations and plunged them into a war-plagued, bloody future. the desperate nations to avoid war, not wanting to ravage their lands, managed to agree to settle the matter using a styling contest for sayet 's treasures to own. this styling contest was much more intense than anyone could have imagined, lasted as long as 9 days and remembered in history as the "war of the nine-day" eight years later the war is over and the nations have established peace. things aren't what they appear to be, though, and the war wind has started blowing again.

Information About Miracle Nikki

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Cover Miracle Nikki
Comic Title Miracle Nikki
Type Manga
Genre adventure, comedy, fantasy, shoujo,
Author nikki inc.
Status ongoing
Views 37 X
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