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Mononogatari Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Onigunsou and was first published on Apr 15 2014 . Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Mononogatari Manga because it has Action, Martial Arts, Seinen, Supernatural genres.

Synopsis Mononogatari Manga

Hyouma's grandfather sends him to live with Nagatsuki Botan.

Nagatsuki Botan is master of six "sweet" tsukumogami.

He also lives with them as a child, in order to cure him of this loathing.

Mononogatari. Tsukumogami: ghosts— or "marebito"— possessing artifacts of great age and gaining a physical form. While he is part of the Saenome clan tasked with sending them peacefully back to their own country, Kunato Hyouma has hated their guts because one took away what was really precious to him.


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AlternativeA Tale of a Thing
Author Onigunsou
Genres Action, Martial Arts, Seinen, Supernatural,

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