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Ms. Rinna's Lovesickness! Manga

Ayune Araragi
Manga Comedy
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Ms. Rinna's Lovesickness! Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Ayune Araragi and was first published on Oct 27 2016 . Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Ms. Rinna's Lovesickness! Manga because it has Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shounen genres.

Synopsis Ms. Rinna's Lovesickness! Manga

Clearing up crime after crime, Love, one case she can't solve.

Inspector Rinna, the top-class inspector at the London Police Department, spontaneously works at a crime scene with private detective Meishi.

She can't keep her eyes off him although at least he doesn't help.

Ms. Rinna's Lovesickness!. Clearing up crime after crime, Love, there is one case that she can not solve. The London Police Department's top-class inspector, Superintendent Rinna, unexpectedly works with private detective Meishi at a crime scene. She can't take her eyes off him even though he doesn't help in the least. Which sensation is that? Even if that wasn't enough, after that he manages to appear at any possible crime scene. And the love story begins between an inexperienced inspector and a reluctant private detective!


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TitleMs. Rinna's Lovesickness!
AlternativeRinna Keibu wa Iki ga dekinai
AuthorAyune Araragi
Genres Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shounen,

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