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Cheng Du Erciyuan
Manhua Fantasy
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Muted House Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Cheng Du Erciyuan and was first published on Apr 22 2019. Make sure you are more than 13 years old before Read Muted House Manga because it has Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Webtoons genres.

Synopsis Muted House Manhua

No one listens to them, because they are powerless to communicate about themselves.

They were imbued with hundreds of thousands of years, each of which was poured into the feelings of the users, with the painstaking efforts of the craftsmen.

Everyone is so different, and every crack and gap has its own unique history. Who would even claim that history is nothing more than things.

Muted House. Every antique has a tale of its own. Nobody listens to them, because they can't speak for themselves. They have been imbued with hundreds of thousands of years, each one of which, with the meticulous efforts of the craftsmen, has been poured into the feelings of the consumers. Each one is so different, and each crack and gap has a unique history. Who can still say that antiques are nothing but objects, they are lifeless dead things. This is a comic book that tells the story of antiques.


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TitleMuted House
Author Cheng Du Erciyuan
Genres Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Webtoons,

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