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Lan Yi Comics Studio
Manhua Romance
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My Superstar Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Lan Yi Comics Studio and was first published on Aug 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read My Superstar Manga because it has Drama, Romance, Webtoons genres.

Synopsis My Superstar Manhua

So she gets into the show and becomes Wei Qian 's assistant, a renowned actress, and she needs a lot of money.

Mi Yuan works carefully for Wei Qian and points out that she's not like what everybody says of her.

Two award-winning stars, Huo Mingqi and Zhuo Yijun, move into the happy life of Mi Yuan.

My Superstar. Mi Yuan 's dad has a car accident and is turning into a vegetative state. She needs a lot of money, so she'll get into the show and become an assistant to Wei Qian, a notorious actress. Mi Yuan works with caution for Wei Qian and finds out that she's not like what everyone thinks about her. Then two award-winning actors, Huo Mingqi and Zhuo Yijun, enter Mi Yuan's peaceful life. They 're totally different people. Who is it, Mr. Right?


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TitleMy Superstar
AuthorLan Yi Comics Studio
Genres Drama, Romance, Webtoons,

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