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mysterious girlfriend x. akira tsubaki is a normal high school teacher who sits during classes alongside new transfer student mikoto urabe. half concealed in her face by her hair, urabe gained a reputation as a weirdo on her first school day when she began laughing loudly in the middle of a class for no apparent reason. she doesn't like interacting with her classmates but prefers to sit on her desk instead. tsubaki catches urabe lying on her desk one day after school and wakes her up. however, he sees her drool on her desk after urabe goes home, and tastes it impulsively. a couple of days later, he's struck down by a fever and urabe visits his home. after stating that tsubaki tasted her drool that day, she tells him that his fever is nothing but the sickness of passion and that he is suffering from symptoms of her drool withdrawal. thus, the two enter into an odd relationship where urabe feeds her drool daily on tsubaki to avoid further illness.

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Cover Mysterious Girlfriend X
Comic Title Mysterious Girlfriend X
Type Manga
Genre action, adult, comedy, cooking, ecchi, romance, school life, seinen, slice of life, supernatural,
Author ueshiba riichi
Status 99
Views 15 K
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