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Nejimaki Kagyu. Negizawa Kamo and Kagyuu Jyubee; as Kagyuu reaffirms her commitment to protecting Kamo's vision and her own with the brute strength of her martial arts, 2 childhood friends who made a fateful pledge to each other are reunited once again. Yet soon they discover that force alone is not enough, that it is the character, individuality, That rules this school and puts the students in a brutal contest of dueling personalities battling for dominance against one another. Since those with the higher power, the superior character, are king in this school and those whose individualities are overwhelmed are discarded. Join Kagyuu, Kamo, and their friends as they strive in this school to conquer the hidden evils And discover the identity and the true wishes of each other's hearts.

Information About Nejimaki Kagyu

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Cover Nejimaki Kagyu
Comic Title Nejimaki Kagyu
Type Manga
Genre Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School Life, Seinen,
Author Nakayama Atsushi
Status Ongoing
Views 2k
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