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Mochizuki Kako - Houjou Yutori
Manga Horror
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Ningyou Touge Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Mochizuki Kako - Houjou Yutori and was first published on Aug 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Ningyou Touge Manga because it has Drama, Horror, Mystery, Tragedy genres.

Synopsis Ningyou Touge Manga

A group of high school students visit the inside of a mountain on an agricultural voyage.

While staying at a farmer 's home, they learn the rural life.

But the village does not exist ...?

Ningyou Touge. On an agricultural trip, a party of high school students explore the inside of a mountain. They are studying the rural life while living at a farmer 's house. The village doesn't exist though ...? A shudder runs down the spine of everybody as many inexplicable events happen in the village, now restricting entry. What are the destinies of high schoolers?


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TitleNingyou Touge
Alternative Ningyou Pass
AuthorMochizuki Kako - Houjou Yutori
Genres Drama, Horror, Mystery, Tragedy,

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How to read Ningyou Touge Manga Online is from right to left. Complete chapters of this comic available for free in list below. You can follow update the latest chapter Ningyou Touge Manga at Mangafast!

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