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Synopsis Oh, My Romantic Kumiho Manhwa

Oh, My Romantic Kumiho. Ji-Eun has been dating Gyuho for three years now, and he's pretty much the dream boyfriend. The way they met was perfect, the same as in her favorite movie, Twilight. But now she discovers that he's a Kumiho (Nine Tailed Fox), he's 700 years old, and he wants to marry her. And on top of all this odd stuff, he says he loves her liver. Is it worth the price of a good boyfriend for her liver? Join this funny contemporary fantasy where a girl learns that the prince charming has a dark side, too, and that stories sound good in a book, but living them might not end up being so enjoyable.

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Cover Oh, My Romantic Kumiho
Comic Title Oh, My Romantic Kumiho
Type Manhwa
Genre Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,
Author Kim Yeong Mi
Status Ongoing
Views 405x
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