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Okujou Hime. Because they were teenagers, Mayu and Nobu have been the best friends ever since. The other childhood mate, along with them, is introverted Yuiko who has always been some sort of damsel that the boys have always been supporting. Upon entering high school the trio meets the chairman 's daughter, the chairman of the student council dubbed "The Rooftop Princess" and who in every way is considered a perfect child. Yuiko gets into trouble with a skirt chaser and the Princess Rooftop saves her without asking for anything in return, Yuiko develops a deep respect for the princess quickly and from that point on Mayu will always admire the Princess but in a totally different way than Yuiko. These 4 people will be the focus of a beautiful romance drama at the high school.

Information About Okujou Hime

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Cover Okujou Hime
Comic Title Okujou Hime
Type Manga
Genre Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen,
Author Tobi
Status Completed
Views 129x
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