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Onedari Shite Mite Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Yukiko and was first published on Oct 20 2013 . Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Onedari Shite Mite Manga because it has Yuri genres.

Synopsis Onedari Shite Mite Manga

Sakurako Kawawa is an intelligent and responsible girl about to start high school.

In the school boarding house, Sakurako meets her roommate Kasumi Yamabuki, an easygoing girl who prefers putting the least effort into anything.

The two of them quickly settle, and find that they are quite compatible with each other.

Onedari Shite Mite. Sakurako Kawawa is an smart and mature girl starting in high school. After moving into a hostel linked to the school, Sakurako has Kasumi Yamabuki as a roommate, an carefree girl who is somewhat lazy. The two quickly settle down, and find match each other, even sharing a bed and drinking from same matching cups.


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TitleOnedari Shite Mite
Author Yukiko
Genres Yuri,

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