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Kirishima Rira
Manga Drama
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Ouji-Sama Game (Kirishima Rira) Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Kirishima Rira and was first published on Jan 24 2012. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Ouji-Sama Game (Kirishima Rira) Manga because it has Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo genres.

Synopsis Ouji-Sama Game (Kirishima Rira) Manga

Takahashi Kiji is the student council's president who's gorgeous and very popular.

Out of boredom, he and his two closest friends create a game called "The Prince Game" which the three of them will play in.

The goal of this game is to bring the worst girl ever his birthday party.

Ouji-Sama Game (Kirishima Rira). Takahashi Kiji is an attractive, popular president of the student council. One day, he and his two best friends are bored, so he initiates a game called "The Prince Game", in which the three of them can compete. The aim is to bring the worst girl ever to his birthday party a month later. Kiji starts trying to approach the friendless, round-shouldered, weepy Asahi Mabi, who has just been through a tough breakup. What makes him surprised is that Mabi doesn't swoon into his arms right away. Instead, she seems to be just like a human being, with her own thoughts and goals, and is uncomfortably good at seeing through some of his actions. To seduce Mabi, he needs to get to know her, which is dangerous when his intention is to make her cry.


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TitleOuji-Sama Game (Kirishima Rira)
AlternativePrince's Game
Author Kirishima Rira
Genres Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo,

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