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Panlong. On the Yulan Continent the empires fall and rise. Immortal beings with immense strength, Saints, use swords and charms to fight, leaving swaths with devastation in their own hands. Magic creatures rule the mountains where the brave-or the weak-go to try their might. The rich live like royalty; the poor are struggling to survive yet another day. Raised in the tiny town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch dynasty, the dynasty of the Dragonblood Warriors who once celebrated it. Though the world shook, the family has been decrepit that the family's heirlooms happen to be sold off. With the task of restoring his family's lost glory, Linley will be exposed to endless trials and tribulations, rendering mortal enemies but also good buddies. Come and see the making of a fresh myth. One day Linley is the strongest and an extremely dedicated person working endlessly to better himself. It has been proved time and again to be his most strong trait when he wants to meditate on spending his time with his family and friends and practice, even as a high god. Nevertheless, let it be noted Linley adores friends and members of his family. The reality is that his vision is far surpassed by his devotion, as he was not reluctant to give his most strong and powerful Divine Clones the chance to restore his family.

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Cover Panlong
Comic Title Panlong
Type Manga
Genre Action, Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural,
Author I Eat Tomatoes
Status Ongoing
Views 68k
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