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Pond Snail Robber Manhwa is a Korean Comic created by Pengki and was first published on Mar 30 2020 . Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Pond Snail Robber Manga because it has Romance, Shounen ai genres.

Synopsis Pond Snail Robber Manhwa

Ji Ho is attacked by a thief, after moving into his dorm.

After escaping, Ji Ho found the thief crying over his unfinished novel.

The thief wanted to stay with him, to finish the novel, and will help in cleaning the house.

Pond Snail Robber. Ji Ho missed the cut-off time to apply for a dorm room due to being careless, luckily a friend help him get one. On moving day, he is attacked by a robber. After getting away, Ji Ho came home to see the robber crying while reading his high school novel. This robber asks to stay, to finish his novel, and in exchange for cleaning the house. The wonderful and dangerous life of living with a criminal!


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TitlePond Snail Robber
Genres Romance, Shounen ai,

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