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Ogiwara Noriko
Manga Fantasy
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Rdg Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Ogiwara Noriko and was first published on Apr 4 2013. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Rdg Manga because it has Fantasy, Shounen genres.

Synopsis Rdg Manga

Izumiko Suzuhara, a fifteen-year-old, just wants to be a normal girl but it is easier to say than done.

Raised deep in the mountains in a shrine, she grew up extremely sheltered and painfully shy.

She also has the unfortunate tendency of simply touching down any electronic device.

Rdg. Izumiko Suzuhara is a fifteen-year-old girl raised in Tamakura Shrine, part of the Kumano Shrines World Heritage Site. She destroys any electrical appliance with which she comes into contact. She wants to try to live in the city although she is shy. Her guardian Yukimasa Sagara suggests that she enroll in Tokyo's Hōjō High School, Accompanied by his childhood friend Miyuki Sagara and his son Izumiko. An entity named "Himegami" appears while it is in Tokyo. Izumiko learns she's a yorishiro, a shinto spirit vessel known as a kami, while Miyuki learns he's a yamabushi, a warrior whose job it's to defend.


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Alternative Red Data Girl
Author Ogiwara Noriko
Genres Fantasy, Shounen,

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