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Rental Onii-Chan Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Ichiiro and was first published on Apr 8 2017. Make sure you are more than 13 years old before Read Rental Onii-Chan Manga because it has Drama, Tragedy genres.

Synopsis Rental Onii-Chan Manga

What the little girl rented was a happy and amiable time with her 'fake' brother.

Her parents' death caused her once sweet real brother to completely change...

Feeling alone and hurt, the little girl seeks for a warmth of a family again.

Rental Onii-Chan. A young girl rents's not a movie, but a brother, and the wonderful warm feeling of being with him. Due to the death of her parents, and the change of her once kind brother... What the girl is looking for is the love of a family she once had. Even if it is a rental one.


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TitleRental Onii-Chan
Author Ichiiro
Genres Drama, Tragedy,

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