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Yeonwoosol - 연우솔
Manhwa Action
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Return Survival Manhwa is a Korean Comic created by Yeonwoosol - 연우솔 and was first published on Apr 16 2019. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Return Survival Manga because it has Action, Adventure genres.

Synopsis Return Survival Manhwa

Did I went back in time to six months ago, before the worldwide zombie pandemic came?.

A zombie virus has plagued the world, with devastating result and great suffering.

But when I die in an attack, I woke up six months ago, to a time before the disaster happen.

Return Survival. Did time turn back for everyone to six months ago, is this an opportunity or a repeat of the suffering? A disaster, a zombie virus has attack the world. Three years of surviving the disaster and desperation of a crisis on the planet. In the end, I could not fight it, and I was attack by a zombie army. But I am still alive, back where I was six months ago, before the zombie virus pandemic! In six months, the world will be a disaster.


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TitleReturn Survival
AlternativeRiteon Seobaibeol
Author Yeonwoosol - 연우솔
Genres Action, Adventure,

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