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Runaway Magical Girl! Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Gene and was first published on Apr 20 2018. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Runaway Magical Girl! Manga because it has Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo genres.

Synopsis Runaway Magical Girl! Manhua

A fun story of a magical girl eloping with her familiar starts here!

Vanilla is a magical girl whose task is to return the "owls" to the Dream Land.

But she has to leave the Dream Land at the age of 18, because the King prefers younger girls.

Runaway Magical Girl! Vanilla the Magical girl was dismissed at the age of 18, because the king is actually a lolicon?! Vanilla didn't want to leave her close friend Black Mike, so he suggested they should run away together! In this chaotic situation, while being pursued by many, Vanilla slowly realizes her feelings for Black Mike.


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TitleRunaway Magical Girl!
AlternativeMofa Shaonu Tongji Zhong!
Genres Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo,

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