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Sengoku Night Blood. Set in the thriving Jinga world that was once a prosperous and peaceful realm, the female protagonist is seen as the key to bringing back order and ruling this world. Chaos started when people, specifically soldiers, fighting for their land, who have special powers like turning into a vampire and a man-wolf, called the Getsugazoku. Such different species of soldiers will put their life on the line and fight while they pursue their own thoughts and values. Until one day, a mysterious lady named "Himemiko" called her because of the blood of the protagonist bearing a mysterious power to offer energy, healing, and awaken the true form of Jingazoku. It is a love and war tale which she must not neglect to rule the world.

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Cover Sengoku Night Blood
Comic Title Sengoku Night Blood
Type Manga
Genre Action, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Romance,
Author "Sengoku Night Blood" Project - Akihito Ono
Status Ongoing
Views 1k
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