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Shanimuni Go. Ide Nobuhisa has always been a boy of vitality and a young promise in the field of track running. But one day after the competition, he stumbled across the nicest pair of legs he'd ever seen! Their owner, a young girl practicing tennis, makes a promise to Ide that she will teach him how to play. After seeing the name tag on her racket bag, Ide puts all his efforts into passing the test for accessing the same high school she goes to, Makunogama. In his first days at his new high school, Ide discovers two things: there is also an old friend of his, and no one knows of a girl with the name that he saw on the tag! He and his friend join the school tennis club, where they meet another first year, Takita Ruui, a very good tennis player with a little of an attitude problem. But things begin to look better for Ide when his dear missing girl appears in school! He misread her name on the tag, as it happens. Takada Hinako was well known as one of the tennis club members, but some time after meeting Ide for the first time she had an accident and had lost her left leg. Hinako is no longer a happy spirited girl and tells Ide that she can't fulfill her promise. Eventually Ruui and Ide's opposing characters end up meeting each other in a tennis match. Ide is an outstanding fast learner but he's not a match ... before Hinako agrees to give him advice. Things just get worse, however, when their club president wants to bring Louis and Ide into the next inter-high school tournament as a double pair!

Information About Shanimuni Go

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Cover Shanimuni Go
Comic Title Shanimuni Go
Type Manga
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Sports,
Author Ragawa Marimo
Status Ongoing
Views 1k
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