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Nogami Takeshi
Manga Shounen
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Shidenkai No Maki Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Nogami Takeshi and was first published on Aug 19 2013. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Shidenkai No Maki Manga because it has School Life, Shounen genres.

Synopsis Shidenkai No Maki Manga

Hagoromo Maki is going to an all-girl high school, a rare one that requires students to fly by plane!

She and her first school friend, Hasegawa Motoko, found a plane and set it up for themselves to fly!

It turns out, however, that it was a plane used by a legendary pilot who protected the airspace for their school, and their school ace pilot did not approve of having it.

Shidenkai No Maki. Hagoromo Maki is a country girl who is going to a city school with her friend Motoko. Tired of crowded trains, they dream of flying to school like cool kids. Their vision comes true as Motoko restores the abandoned Shidenkai plane that was once piloted by the famed "Maki of Shidenkai" in the old days of Ishigami Girls School. But anyone who dares to fly is challenging the air gangs that rule the skies of the city.


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TitleShidenkai No Maki
AuthorNogami Takeshi
Genres School Life, Shounen,

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